Guidelines for e-poster presenters

Please find below important information regarding e-poster presentations, including relevant specifications, tips and guidelines to follow. For any queries, please contact the Conference Secretariat at

    • The 51st Union Conference on Lung Health will be fully virtual. All registered participants will attend using their desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet.
    • All participants, including e-poster presenters, must register for the conference.
    • Authors must present the data and information as submitted in their accepted abstract. Updates to data analysis and interpretation are acceptable.
    • Any author unable to record their presentation in due time must notify The Union immediately at
    • Authors who fail to inform The Union of a cancellation may not be accepted in future submissions for the Union World Conference.
    • It is strictly forbidden to present abstracts whose content is to be published or publicly presented before presentation at the 51st Union World Conference. Please read our conference embargo policy.
    • The Union is committed to promoting person-centred, non-stigmatising language in all materials and therefore requests that authors follow the guidelines laid out in the Stop TB Partnership’s publication, Suggested Language and Usage for Tuberculosis Care, Communications and Publications.
  • E-poster SLIDE and Audio recording UPLOAD
    • Each presenter will receive a link in the second half of September with login details and detailed instructions to upload their e-poster slide and audio recording.
    • Slides and audio recordings must be uploaded no later than Friday, 2 October.
  • e-poster guidelines
    • All presenters must prepare:
      • one slide outlining key findings and conclusions. Presenters must use the template which will be provided in September. The E-poster slide should be clear, well-organised, informative and concise and should include all necessary information (title, methods, research, literature, etc.). Presenters should choose their preferred template among the three provided for their presentation.
      • a 3-min audio recording of the presentation. The presenting author must record the presentation themselves and upload the file via the dedicated platform. Most smartphones and computers have applications to record voice files. Presenters must make sure they are in a silent room when they record it. Please say your name and the title of your presentation when you start recording your presentation and name the audio file with your name and abstract number.
    • Presenters must not exceed 3 minutes. Recordings will be truncated at 3 minutes.
    • Presenters must follow the general structure of the e-poster templates provided but can adjust the font size and sections, whilest being mindful that the posters need to be easily readable on screen.
    • Presenters must answer written questions that delegates post to their e-poster during the day that the e-poster is on display in the virtual poster hall of the conference.
    • E-posters and their recordings will be online from 10:00am Central European Summer Time on the day of their session and will be available throughout that day. After the conference, e-posters will then be available in the conference platform until 30 November.


    Union Conference E-Poster Templates TBScience E-Poster Templates

    We suggest you use the last template, which is an innovative way of displaying your content. This alternative format is designed to help you to communicate findings more effectively, and allows the audience to easily identify findings that are most relevant to them. For more details on this proposed format watch this informational video.

    Include the main study finding in the middle of the poster in a large font size – using no more than 20 words. Some important details can go to the sides, but the aim is to be succinct and not to overcrowd the template.

    It is also possible to add a link at the bottom of the template to direct people to learn more detailed information about your research. You can add this link through the upload platform.

  • Presenter registration

    All speakers and chairs need to register for the conference. Find out about registration fees and conditions. Please send any questions about registration to

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