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The 51st Union Conference on Lung Health will be fully virtual. All registered participants will attend using their desktop computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. As a result, the process of speaking at the conference is new, and the conference secretariat has provided a range of resources to support speakers.

Please find below important information regarding the guidelines and processes involved in presenting at this year’s Union World Conference.

For any queries, please contact the Conference Secretariat at scientific@theunion.org.

Note: Speakers in Plenary sessions, TBScience sessions and Special sessions will receive separate details.

  • Guidelines for speakers, presenters and chairs

    These are guidelines on the format and content of presentations, including relevant specifications, tips and requirements:

    1. Guidelines for oral abstract presenters
    2. Guidelines for symposia presenters
    3. Guidelines for e-poster presenters

  • Slide and presentation templates

    Download the templates for your presentations or e-posters:

    PowerPoint presentation slide template Union Conference E-Poster Templates TBScience E-Poster Templates
  • Upload your slides

    Presentations should be formatted in 16:9 (File > Page Setup > “Slide sized for: On-screen Show 16:9”). The content must be in a high resolution to ensure that it is clearly readable. Presenters must use the slide presentation template.

    The presentation uploading portal is closed. Please contact presentations@theunion.org if you have any questions.

    Note: This does not apply to e-poster presentations – please see below for details on e-posters.

  • Recording and broadcast tutorial for speakers and presenters

    The 51st Union Conference on Lung Health will be fully virtual, so all presentations must be pre-recorded.

    This tutorial will guide you through the steps required for your presentation, slides upload, recording, broadcast, and Q&A sessions.

    Note: This does not apply to e-poster presentations – please see below for details on e-posters.

    Downloadable the guide:

    Speaker Recording Tutorial

    Watch the video:

  • Book a slot to record your presentation

    All presentations must be pre-recorded.

    Speakers need to book an appointment to record their presentation with a producer on 22, 23, 24 or 25 September according to the slots available and on a first-come’ first-served basis.

    This does not apply to e-poster presentations – please see below for details on e-posters.

    Speakers need a working computer, microphone, camera, a good internet speed and to be in a well lit and quiet space. The equipment usually used for video meetings via Zoom, MS Teams, etc. is adequate. A member of our team will be there to guide presenters through the entire recording process.

    Book a date and time to record your presentation

    Important note: All speakers must attend their recording slot at the exact date and time confirmed for the recording of their presentation. Speakers who miss their recording appointment will not be offered another appointment option.

    As part of booking your slot, you will be required to agree to a consent form about the use of your work, image and data. You can read the consent below.

  • E-poster upload and recording

    E-poster presenters will receive a link in the second half of September with login details and detailed instructions to upload their e-poster slide and audio recording.

    Slides and audio recordings must be uploaded no later than Friday, 2 October.

    For any queries, please contact the Conference Secretariat at scientific@theunion.org.

  • consent form for recording and broadcast

    As part of booking your slot to record a session, you will be required to agree to a consent form about the use of your work, image and data.

    Please read this consent form ahead of time.

    Below is the text of the consent form.

    I hereby agree:

    • To the release, publication of my presentation slides and the audio and/or video recording
      of my presentation(s), its live broadcast during the 51st Union World Conference on Lung
      Health and its accessibility at leisure on demand to all registered participants in the
      conference library until 30 November.
    • To the subsequent use of my presentation slides (and the audio and/or video recording of
      my presentation(s) by The Union.
    • That The Union will not be liable if any content is replicated and/or distributed/shared.
    • That copyright of content is retained by the speaker(s)/contributor(s), and that copyright in
      the recordings will be retained by the Union World Conference.
    • That I own the copyright for images contained within slides and other presentation
      materials. If excerpts from copyrighted works are included, I have obtained written
      permission from the copyright owners and acknowledge the sources in the presentation. I
      also warrant that the presentation contains no libellous or unlawful statements and does
      not infringe the rights of others and that I will indemnify the conference organiser against
      any loss, injury or expense arising out of any breach of this warranty.
    • To the use of my personal data being processed for the purposes of this recording and
      subsequent publishing. My personal data will be processed in accordance with the
      provisions of data protection law.

    * For sessions with live Q&A times, they will also be broadcast and be available on-demand
    at the close of the conference.

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