Registration fees

Registration has now closed.

Sessions were broadcast through the conference event website from 20-24 October.


until end 15 Aug


16 Aug – 19 Oct


20 – 31 Oct

Participants in upper-middle and high-income countries €149 €199 €249
with Union Member discount €99 €149 €199
Participants in low- and lower middle- income countries* €99 €149 €199
with Union Member discount €49 €99 €149
Nurses and students (globally) €49 €49 €49

If you have any questions about registration, please contact us. Fees are VAT exempt.


Sponsored registrations

Survivor registration

The Union World Conference is pleased to offer sponsored registration to survivors of tuberculosis and other lung diseases.

Sponsored registration

The Union proudly provides sponsored registrations to select speakers, authors and presenters of scientific sessions and to participants from affected communities and civil society. Submissions are now closed for sponsored registrations. If you have any questions, email:

Registration conditions

  • Conditions of Payment

    All registration must be accompanied by the necessary payments (fees for registration, post-graduate course and other additional items) in euros. Registration will be processed only upon receipt of payment.

    Payment is accepted by debit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express).

    Please note that payments through bank transfer will only be accepted until 6 October. Bank transfer fees are the responsibility of the participant.

  • Cancellation Policy

    Due to the nature of a virtual conference, with all content available to view on demand, our policy is that we cannot accept cancellations or provide refunds.

  • Union members

    Membership to The Union means you are part of a movement of professionals who work together to drive positive action for lung health. We help give your work a voice in the halls of government and in the news media as we drive a global advocacy agenda. We work tirelessly to help ensure your work saves more lives and empowers survivors.

    Alongside a range of benefits Union members receive a 50-euro discount.

    Join now to take advantage of all of the member benefits and stand in Union together against lung disease.

    Read more about Union membership, or contact

  • Low- and lower middle- income countries

    Participants residing in low- or lower-middle income countries will be able to attend the Union World Conference at a reduced rate.This will be based on the country that you enter as your address when you register for the conference. If your country is classified as low- or lower-middle income according to World Bank categories for June 2019, you will receive a reduced rate. See the chart above for the fee categories.

  • Nurses and Students

    Students: All those in training are eligible for these rates. Delegates registered in this category will need to upload documented proof of enrolment in a University programme when completing their registration.

    Nurses: Delegates registered in this category will need to upload documented proof of being registered as a nurse when completing their registration.

  • Union Membership: conference terms and conditions

    Individuals joining as part of the 51st Union World Conference on Lung Health (who have not been a Union member in the last 18 months) will be offered 15 months for the price of 12. Membership purchases as part of this offer will begin on 1 October 2020, and will run until 31 December 2021.

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