Late Breaker Sessions

Submissions are now open

The 51st Union World Conference on Lung Health is pleased to offer four late-breaker sessions:

  1. The Union/CDC late-breaker session on TB
  2. The HIV-TB and diabetes late-breaker session
  3. The Union student late-breaker session on lung health
  4. The Union late-breaker session on COVID-19

Late-breaker abstract submissions are now open.
View Late Breaker submission guidelines

In keeping with the spirit of a late-breaker session, we ask that only new, innovative and significant findings of broad interest that have occurred after 11 May, or for which information has just become available, be submitted for the late-breaker sessions.

Please read the following carefully before submitting:

The review criteria for The Union late breaker sessions


Notifications will be sent in September.

If you have any questions, email:

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