Principles and Values of Conference Participation

The Union’s values are:

  • Quality: we deliver our services and products to the highest possible standards.
  • Accountability: we are responsible stewards of resources and deliver on our commitments.
  • Independence: we maintain the freedom to pursue innovation and are guided by the best evidence to improve the health of the poor.
  • Solidarity: we stand together as one Union to overcome the greatest challenges to improve health among the communities we serve.

The Union World Conference on Lung Health provides space for participation, freedom of expression, and community involvement. Advocacy, activism, and open dialogue are essential in the fight against TB and other lung diseases.

Peaceful protest is an important element of participation at the conference. In the context of a conference occurring entirely within a virtual environment, the conference organisers oppose any disruption of conference sessions or satellite symposia that results in the inability for dialogue and debate to take place.

The conference seeks to encourage debate and dialogue among all conference participants, respecting each others’ diverse views. The programme will include conference sessions and activities for various viewpoints to be expressed and heard.

The Union Community Advisory Panel (UCAP) will act as Community Liaisons throughout the conference. UCAP will consult with community members and organizations prior to any planned action that may result in any disruption to provide active support of peaceful protest and ensure these Principles and Values are understood and respected by all participants and affected parties.

The Union is committed to providing a harassment-free experience for all conference delegates, sponsors, and guests. Conference organizers do not tolerate harassment in any form, including inappropriate comments made in virtual messaging spaces, harassing messages sent directly to other delegates, or inappropriate images displayed within delegate profiles or public spaces.

The conference organisers reserve the right to withdraw the registration of and deny access to any participants who do not adhere to these Principles and Values.

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